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New Beginnings

Updated: Mar 16, 2018

Transition from Naturalist to Photographer — Kind of...

AFTER nine seasons as a Park Naturalist, my position was deleted in October 2017. My wife thought that not so bad as it had tied up our summers and I could never have quit on my own—we are supposed to be retired.

What to do with the additional 500 hours I just acquired?

Kick Up the Photography a Notch

Over the winter I needed to decide what to do with the extra 500+ hours that fell into my lap. In 2012 I had already graduated to full-frame DSLR and acquired a plenty of good photographs as a Park Naturalist.

Nevertheless, as many serious photographers will admit, there is always the quest for more definition on the photo, which translates to more pixels. I intend to spend the summer outdoors with my new (actually, used and quite old) Hasselblad, my dog, Carrie, and my jeep.

We hope you enjoy the production of our efforts.

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