London Mine Tram
Base of the London Mine tram. It was built because there was not room in the valley to do the train.
NEW - Goldfield mining cabin
At the north end of the Vindicator trail lies this old cabin. It appears in better condition than most, even though it is a ruin.
NEW - Elk Hunting north of Hayden
In yesteryear, energy was so precious the pioneers put their tiny homes in the valley, out of the wind. The key to taking this photo was to not step in the new snow.
Alma Cemetery
Up Buckskin Gulch lies the Alma Cemetery. Some monuments are quite recent and some are quite...shall we say different.

This photo captures an older monument or two. It represents also my first developing in Rodinal. Rodinal is meant for perceived edge sharpening, but creates a bit more grain. I love the look but not sure about the grain.
New London Mine
One passes through the yard of the New London Mine on the east side of Mosquito Pass.
New London Mine Equipment
Ingersoll Rand has been around the mining industry since 1905. Here we see one of their pieces of equipment. Looks like an engine with a wheel to move a belt.
Windy Point Bristlecone
Bristlecone pines grow behind my house. However, I had to drive to Buckskin Gulch and then Jeep three miles to find 1000 year-old Bristlecones
Windy Point Bristlecones
My good friend and ski buddy, Keith, told me about these Bristlecone Pines. The entire grove is tipped to the southeast. This photo also has some smoke from the Weston fire on the right side. Welcome to Colorado.
Paris Mill
Above Alma, CO, lies Buckskin Gulch. Folks are apparently according the signage restoring the Paris Mill. I could not locate the Paris mine that used to operate above the mill.
Paris Mill B&W
Carrie and I climbed a scree slope across from the Paris Mill to capture a B&W of the old mill buildings in their setting.
NEW - Bunkhouse Buckskin
On up Buckskin Gulch sits an old bunkhouse. In the days of mining, walking, horse, burro, or cart were the means of transportation. The miners did not make it back home each night obviously, so they stayed near their work.
Park County City Hall
Park County City Hall sports a corner stone from 1874 and an inscription by Hayden.
Huge Toys
The little trucks carry 206 tons of material. The front-end loader is even larger. Victor-Cripple Creek 2018.
Forest Queen Ore House
During a blizzard, Carrie and I headed to the mines for some Hasselblad action.
Snowy day at Victor
Old mine header in blizzard
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