Cathedral District Sunset
The clouds, the mountains to the west, the time of day, we caught an aperture of light on one of the cathedral rocks.
The South Desert Overlook
Light played peek-a-boo with me and the formations as the clouds flew by.
Mountains East of Burris Trail
Looking due east across the Strike Valley, these snow capped mountains clearly stand against the sky.
Strike Valley Bend
In the Waterpocket District formations of the Strike Valley are exposed for miles, strikingly. Pun intended for all those with a "geo" in their professional degrees.

Here we see the strike of the beds taking a miles long swerve. Awesome.
Late on the Scenic Drive
Just a few miles south of the Visitors Center, project some beautifully exposed formations, grandly lying high above the valley floor.

I was not so far off the road, and was amused by the cars flying along way over the 20 MPH speed limit. When they saw me out photographing they jammed on the brakes until they realized I was just capturing rocks on film. Then pedal to the metal. If I had been shooting with an iPhone they would have stopped. GRINS.
Strike Valley
This is my first photo from the 4X5 Large Format Camera.

It is looking orthogonally into Strike Valley. I captured it from one of the switchbacks of the Burris road.
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