Palo Duro Canyon Before Sun Up
The wall from the canyon floor, before sunrise.
Palo Duro Canyon Sunrise
Sunrise in the Palo Duro Canyon.
Fortress Rock
Fortress Rock north of Craig, CO.
Wilkerson Pass looking West
An afternoon in January, the clouds created a patchy light and dark pattern. From Wilkerson Pass the light was blue and awesome as storm blew in from the west. The Sangre de Cristos are in the distance.
Pikes Peak between Formations
Garden of the Gods is hard to get a lousy photography. During the first fullmoon of March 2018, I set up the Hassie and shot Pikes Peak with Velvia. The colors pop on the slide film like you can only Photoshop on DSLRs.
Horseshoe Mountain
South and west of Fairplay lies Horseshoe Mountain. Mount Sherman attracts the climbers and skiers at 14K ft. But the headwall of this cirque is a geologic event.

A glacier eroded the hundreds of feet high precipices and deposited a moraine for me to shoot over. The photo was truly black and white but I finished selenium in LR.
Moon over the Crags
One evening we hiked a few hundred yards up the Ring-the-Peak trail south of the Crags. The sky, moon and mountain all came together.
Strike Valley
This is my first photo from the 4X5 Large Format Camera.

It is looking orthogonally into Strike Valley. I captured it from one of the switchbacks of the Burris road.
Full Moon on Garden of the Gods
Planning ahead—first of two full moons in March 2018. Sunrise on the rocks but not yet in the foreground.
Pikes Peak Blizzard
At 14,000 feet the winds carry on in spite of a very sunny day.
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