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A Child of the Digital

My ten year-old granddaughter was born well after the onslaught of digital photography. In fact, she is fairly competent with iPhones and point-and-shoots. Christmas-time she usually grabs one of the devices and takes plenty funny frames.

Well, the first time a roll of Velvia came back from developing, it was laying around on the granite countertop. I heard, "Oh, wow." She was mesmerized by the rich color and the detail. The photo here was staged but certainly like the real event.

We talked about the detail in film versus what could a normal digital frame captures. Now to be fair, I did not really compare a full frame DSLR with the 6X6 slide, but I probably could have if I had the same photo.

Hmmm...maybe that will be the next challenge. I think I have some comparable frames from the open-pit mine.

Not sure if I will be able to post next week. We are headed to Capitol Reef National

Park this weekend, then wend our way south to Arizona. I will try to look in during our trip but I want to spend plenty of time behind the lens.

We'll return just prior to Easter. I hope everyone has a great Easter Week.

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