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Git Along Little Doggie.

Carrie and I were headed to Monte Vista. More on that later. Along US24 we encountered a cattle drive. Ok, it was a small cattle drive, but it had real cows, and real calves and cowboys.

Photographically, the Canon with a 100-400 lens was laying on the seat. Canon's are ok to open carry in Colorado (GRINS). And the lens meant I could be out of cows-way. So the trick was to position the jeep and me and the Canon a bit along the road where the drive would be by the time I cleared the Jeep and setup on the spare tire for support.

I usually attempt to have the settings ready for whatever comes along. Fortunately, I had previously been shooting buffaloes in the open sunlight, so ISO 125 and f/8.0 worked well—Canon chose 1/125 second.

I did check the settings in the middle of the shoot, and figured they were good'nuff. With the action opening up so quickly, I didn't have much time to be more intensive about shutters speeds and f-stops, as long as it was working. Maybe a more open f-stop with less depth-of-field would have improved but I like the cowboy. He appears very authentic—maybe, because he is.

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