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The End of Prints

I bought a new printer.

Many levels of photography exist, and I would be the last to downplay the photos from the kiddoes birthday party, or the snapshots on vacation at the Colorado state border. Those are very necessary. But much of my photography targets something to hang on the wall.

A recent post in one of my favorite photography blogs claimed that the ultimate in beauty and skill is to deliver a print. The electronic stuff is fantastic for communicating where we am, and what I am eating, but it does not last.

Recently, I taught a course that we titled “The Photographic Process.” Pause for a minute, from my iPhone to Facebook cannot be described as much of process. However, mine may be more of a process than most folks because I only post after a photo has been run through Snapseed editing at

My new 17 X 22-inch printer.


Nevertheless, the photographic process I am describing starts with imagining what I am to photograph. Often, in my case, hike to a ridge or creek or meadow to capture the scene. Do all the technical and compositional stuff in the camera (the part most people think of as high photography). Sometimes develop film. Scan film and edit the digital files. Finally, print a large, beautiful wall print, either at home or with a commercial lab.

If one gets serious about printing, you will find it a subject nearly as deep as the camera side of photography. “Perceptual” versus “Relative?” Which Gamut to use? Black Points and White Points? Resolution of the device versus resolution of the photo? Resolutions to please the human eye. Viewing distances. Calibrating a monitor. Oh, and the dark subject of printer profiles. These are little commands that contain the characteristics of the individual model of the printer and the paper being used.

My new printer produces very close to what I see on my monitor, unlike previous experiences. The new printer maxes at 17 X 22-inch paper. It basically delivers poster size prints. Now I am rapidly depleting wall space. Should I augment space into the garage? GRINS.

Anyway, I can learn to print, or send out to Bay Photo. Whatever I do I won’t be hanging something on the wall from the two Wal… stores.

Imaginative prints are the target.

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