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To the Walls!

Last month we departed from the digital domain and carried the photographic process to prints. Nevertheless, a paper alone will not hang beautifully on a wall.

We need to exercise more talent to get that awesome photograph ready for display. That I have been doing for much of my photography time in the month of April. I have a show at the end of May.

First, a print must display flat. Wavy prints behind glass are quite unbecoming, or even not behind glass.

Years ago I acquired a very old Seal Jumbo 150 Dry Mount Laminating Press for under $100 off eBay. Think of a large iron to melt tissue saturated with glue between the print and a substrate that keeps the photo flat. When I say old Jumbo, I mean nearly as old as me. Think of a technology so old it does not show up on Wiki. Modern presses sell for four digits.

Of course, print, laminating tissue and the backing have to all be the same size and need to fit appropriately into the frame I want to hang. Get the sheets all cut and collated. Apply the heat for two minutes. And now I have flat photo. BTW my Jumbo will press up to 14X17 inches, and I can do 14X34 if I do one end at a time.

My ancient Jumbo 150 Laminating Press. No on/off switch. Just unplug it.

Pop the lamination into a frame and hang it on the wall. Framed photos are something I can achieve at home

Of course, one can order prints in many formats and media that will do the flattening job. Here I mention only the few that I prefer, but there are so many more. The choices are bewildering between the media, the size and the options that come with each.

Metal prints are beautiful and come with hangers that stand the print off the wall—looks very professional. Metal is my favorite.

Most of you will know canvas, which certainly has its place. Think family portrait over the fireplace. However, I like “Thin Wraps.” They are similar to canvas, but have about ¼ inch sides. The photo still wraps around the edges, and stands off the wall. I put thin wraps somewhere between thick canvas and metal prints. And the costs are pretty reasonable.

Finally, drop by Mueller State Park 25, 26, or 27 May to see my work, and others, too. ‘Tis a benefit for Friends of Mueller.

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