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Time Constrained by Film

I posted the other day that Carrie and I hiked the Hankins Pass Trail. Of course, the purpose was to capture images of nature created by God. My son said it looked like I had just completed the labor, when in reality the act was a couple of weeks prior. However, in the 21st Century it is reasonable to figure the adventure went down in the past very, very short antiquity.

In my digital SLR world, if the electrons on the CF/SD card are a day or two old they we consider them stale. Therefore, film constrains me to only capture images, in the first place

Olivia's first 4X5 - She shot Carrie and me and developed the film

that may manage to be useful in a much longer term. That creates both a challenge and a satisfaction.

Nevertheless, it also did not bother me because in my domain of film, had not even been dispatched for developing. You see, shipping costs are in the same range of developing three sheets of 4X5, so if I can spread that across more sheets, the overall costs become more manageable.

Finally, I apologize that I have taken a month or so off from posting new images. We suffered a family crisis that needed me more than you did. Good news. You will find today three new images that I captured in late May above Alma, CO in the gold mining gallery. One I shot B&W and developed here in my own darkroom. YES.

I hope you enjoy them.

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