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Now I Understand the Dust Bowl

Teller, El Paso and most of Park, counties in Coloraod experienced no meaningful precipitation since the fall of 2017. Wait, Russ, is this photography or meteorology blogging?

Well, we have not had wet until the last week or two, and landscape photography has been deeply impacted. Very often grass and flowers bias the foreground of our landscapes. We hope for lush, verdant gramines, and flowering plants from the Daisies to beautiful Columbines to Indian Paintbrush to fill our frame from the black at the bottom to the first of our trees and mountain grandeur and up to the bluebird sky. Some mountain towns even have huge July flower shooting celebrations, for example Crested Butte.

This year the foreground failed us. I can only imagine the 1930's dust bowl photographer fending off the grit in the mechanism and sand on the lens.

We did find green mountain meadows on Mosquito Pass that we are sending for developing today. Nevertheless, those were exceptions.

I taught a class called The Photography Process. We planned our shots from the before we hopped into the car and on to the trail, through the shoot, the computer edit and final hanging the photo on a nail on the wall. This year I learned I cannot control absolutely everything. Yellow, burnt, crunchy, foregrounds have not cooperated.

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